This is a project that touches my heart because it is very close to home for me. Coming from Africa, I was privileged and blessed to live a wonderful life filled with opportunity and hope. Not very many people living in Africa have the same opportunity I had, and that is why I started this project.

About the Project! I want to help people in Africa live a better life. The way this can be accomplished is not just by giving them money or food but by teaching them how to create wealth. The purpose for I Am Rylie, is to educate Africans on how to build wealth and at the same time creating job opportunities allowing them to earn an income for a better living. The way I see it, creating jobs help them earn an income, and only when they earn an income can they save and plan for a better future.

Why Rylie? The reason I choose that name is because that will be the name of my unborn child. The name of my first baby is going to be Rylie. I know I will cherish her/him exactly the way I cherish and love my own African family.

How? The project is going to raise funding via crowd sourcing. We going to launch our kickstarter campaign in summer 2020 with a projected 150k to 200k shoe sales forecast for the Rylie casual unisex footwear. The project sales profit of 25% will be targeted towards creating jobs and educating African countries towards leading a better life and future for the children.

More about the project will be coming up so stay tuned…

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